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Product Liability

Product Liability Attorney in Charlotte

We Fight to Hold Manufacturers & Distributors Accountable

Every day, consumers rely on countless products. From the cars we drive to the medications we take to the cell phones in our pockets, we expect these products to work properly and safely. Unfortunately, poor manufacturing and a push for profits ahead of public safety often results in unsafe, defective products getting into the hands of ordinary consumers.

If you or someone you love was injured by a defective product, or if you suspect that an accident was caused by a faulty product, reach out to Payne Law Firm. Our Charlotte product liability lawyers are highly skilled and accomplished trial attorneys. Our founding attorney, Jason Payne, has taken on major product manufacturers, insurance companies, and other entities on behalf of injured individuals and the families of those wrongfully killed. Throughout his years in practice, he has earned a reputation for being an aggressive and effective advocate for his clients, never backing down from a challenge, and doing everything it takes to maximize his clients’ recoveries.

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What Makes a Product “Defective?”

Whenever a product is unreasonably unsafe for normal, typical use or when it contains some flaw that poses a foreseeable risk to users, it is considered defective. Products can also be defective when they lack proper safety warnings, instructions, and other labels meant to inform users of potential risks.

Generally speaking, products can be defective in the following three ways:

  • Defective Design: If a product is designed in such a way that the risks of using it outweigh the benefits, it has a defective design. When products have design defects, the entire line/all products with the design will be defective.
  • Defective Manufacturing: When a product has an acceptable design, but a flaw is introduced during production, rendering it unsafe for use, it has a manufacturing defect. These types of defects only affect certain products within a line.
  • Defective Marketing/Labeling: A product has a marketing/labeling defect if it does not have necessary instructions, warning labels, side effects listings, etc. to inform users of potential risks associated with the product.

At Payne Law Firm, we know how to investigate defective products to determine which type of defect they have and, as a result, who is liable for your resulting injuries and damages.

How to Determine If a Defective Product Contributed to an Accident

While the law is clear in that manufacturers, distributors, and others involved in the creation and sale of defective products can be held legally accountable when those products cause harm, it is not always a simple task to determine if a defective product caused an accident or injury. For example, if you were driving along the highway and your tire blew out, causing you to lose control of your vehicle and crash, how can you tell if the tire was defective or if you ran over an object that caused it to fail?

One way to tell if a product was defective is to see if it has been recalled. Auto manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other large entities often issue recalls when products are defective. This is one way our product liability lawyers in Charlotte investigate accidents to determine if a defective product may have played a role in the accident that caused your injuries.

Even when products have not been recalled, this does not mean that they are not defective. At Payne Law Firm, we work with a team of leading industry experts—including accident reconstructionists, expert witnesses, medical professionals, economists, and other specialists—in order to exhaustively investigate our clients’ claims. This allows us to not only determine the root cause of your injuries but also to evaluate the full impact your injuries have had and will continue to have on your life.

Common Types of Defective Products

At Payne Law Firm, we represent victims who have been injured due to all types of defective products, including but not limited to:

  • Automobiles
  • Auto parts
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Children’s products (toys, car seats, cribs, etc.)
  • Heavy machinery and tools
  • Food and drink items
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Household appliances (washers, dryers, water heaters, etc.)
  • Electronics

These and other defective products often lead to devastating accidents and injuries, ranging from car crashes to house fires to food poisoning and more. Our team can meet with you to discuss your legal rights and inform you of your options.

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The first step in filing a product liability claim is reaching out to a Charlotte product liability attorney with the knowledge, skill, and resources to represent you throughout the legal process. Payne Law Firm has been proudly serving clients since 2002, providing trusted representation and proven results. We offer contingency fees, so there are no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses for you.

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